Clothing for cycling is specially tailored for the riding position, tops being much longer at the back, and having room for the shoulders and arms, bottoms having adequate space to allow the knees to rotate, and sufficient length or ankle straps to avoid ‘riding-up’. Yellow tops are the most popular colour choice, be safe, be seen….


Clothing comes in many styles; casual, commuting, road racing, and off-road, not forgetting the very different cuts between ladies and gents! Clothing for cycling uses very technical fabrics and coatings to help make items more suitable for the conditions, from waterproof, breathable, wind-proof, and wicking fabrics.

Shoes come under our section for clothing, and again, shoes for cycling can now be very technical and specific. We stock shoes for the leisure cyclist with stiffer than normal soles, to special clipless shoes for performance cycling with carbon soles and kangaroo leather for fitting to the Look and SPD pedal systems. Most manufacturers offer ladies and gents specific shoes.

Should your cycling be either head-down and the fastest ever 10 miles, commuting to work, or gentle cross continent cycling, we can offer the expert knowledge and choice of shoes and garments to suit all sizes and budgets.