Custom Builds

We are continually meeting people who are either not comfortable on the existing cycles or cannot find a new cycle that fits their exact needs. If you require more performance and/or more comfort we can offer two viable options for a new cycle:

  1. Modify and set-up a production cycle. We will measure you, discuss your cycling needs and decide on a budget and specification. We will then find what ‘off the peg’ cycles are available in the market place that we can modify and set-up to your optimum riding position. This service typically costs £25, but this charge is usually waived on cycles over £500.
  2. Custom build and set-up a cycles to exact measurements and specification.

We would measure you, taking into account: 13 essential linear proportions Weight Flexibility Previous and current injuries Skill levels Usage

This service typically takes about 1 hour. We need you in your cycling clothes and shoes, and ideally with your existing cycle. We will discuss what your cycling aspirations are, what would be the best frame and components and importantly budget constraints. Typically, we can custom assemble a cycle in less than 10 days, however specific paint schemes and seasonal peaks can extend delivery to five weeks. When your cycle is ready we will put you on a ‘turbo trainer’ and carry out final adjustments. This service costs £50.

For race bikes we can also check core stability, power output and riding technique, before recommending the most suitable specification for your type of competition.