Children’s Bikes

Wheel sizes from 10″ to 24″, and ages from 2 – 9 years of age.
Toy, Pavement and Road versions. Geared and single speed.
Stabilizers on cycles up to 14″, optional on larger sizes.

Trailer Bikes

A one wheeled (trailer) bike that is supported and towed along by an adults bike.
For children from 3 to 7 years.
Many options, folding, geared, alloy, single and tandem versions etc.

Child Trailers

A trailer towed behind an adults bike for carrying one or two children in ‘hammock’ style seats with safety belts, and fold-back roof, suitable for 1 to 7 years.
Some versions easily convert to a pushchair.
Easily folded for storage/transport.

Child Seats

Front or rear mounted child carrying seats.
Suitable for children form 9 months up to usually 5 years, some special needs ones for up to 9 years.
Many different mounting systems.