Health and Fitness

We can offer a full range of energy and recovery drinks and bars, from the two market leading brands, Science in Sport (SiS) and Hi5.

We have a huge range of heart rate monitors, from basic real time models starting from £35 to models with PC downloads and 60+ hours of memory and over 50 functions reaching up to £300.

Home trainers are frames that you can clamp the rear wheel of a cycle in to and emulate cycling on the road, but at home! A great way of getting fitter when the weather is inclement. Models available from just under £100 to well over £500 for computer interactive versions.

We have a separate department that offers qualified, professional health and fitness training advice. This can take the form of re-assessing your riding position, advising training regimes for either casual or top level race cycling, all on a one-to-one basis, taking into account personal lifestyle etc. We have many satisfied customers, ranging from national level teenagers, world class triathlete’s, to veterans still reaching new heights.